Employee engagement statistics you need to know

This sentence, taken from the book Essentialism and written by Greg , summarizes exactly what we will talk about in this text. Companies are focusing so much on other matters that they forget to focus on. What is essential and capable of making them : their own employees . More than ever, employers need to create employee appreciation strategies to let employees know they are members of the organization. In one of our content. We show the costs that lack of engagement can bring to a company and, to complement this content, we will present 25 statistics on employee engagement that your company should know . At the end of this content, you will be sure that you need to create strategies to engage your employees.

Data show the advantage of having employees

Engaged in a company Gallup found that companies with employees are up to  more profitable than competitors with low engagement numbers. employees were  for their achievements at work to just of actively employees. Having a India Mobile Number Data good company culture increases revenue by . Forbes  employees are less likely to leave an organization. Companies with an  workforce achieve about lower employee turnover when to those with a low engagement rate. Alignment with the values ​​of a company is the number 1 item to improve employee engagement .

Of senior executives rank employee engagement

As key to business success. ( Harvard Business Review ) 10 – Executives recognize that a highly workforce can increase innovation, productivity and bottom line performance while reducing costs India Lead to hiring and retention in highly competitive talent markets. ( Harvard Business Review )High turnover companies would haveless turnover if they had engaged employees . – Companies with engaged employees positively impact business in all areas. They tend to: Be more productive companies; Have 41% less absenteeism. ( Gallup ) of men and.

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