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The 12 needs of employees for high performance

According to gallup , a company that conducts research on nature and human performance, for over 75 years, there are 12 employee needs that need to be met in a work environment so that they perform better. To define these needs, gallup surveyed approximately 2.7 million employees across more than 100,000 teams. We’ll talk about each one of them and how your company can supply them. 1 – employees need to know what is expected of them every employee wants to know exactly what the company’s expectations are for him. According to gallup , employees who agree that their job description aligns with the work they do are 2.5 times more likely to be engaged.

Therefore, here are some items that

The company can align with the employee: the description of the work that the employee needs to perform; what are your main responsibilities; what is the purpose of the work he does; what are the objectives that must be achieved. “globally, one in two employees knows what is expected of them at work. By increasing that ratio to eight out of ten employees, organizations can achieve a 22% reduction in turnover, a 29% reduction in security incidents and a 10% increase in productivity. Employees need to have the right materials and equipment to carry out their activities this topic, when mentioned, can make you think that it is enough to provide employees with material items (technology and office supplies) for them to carry out their activities correctly. But not only that.

Informing and training employees are equally necessary actions.

The collaborator must know that he can carry out the activities using his skills and knowledge by recognizing their employees as individuals with their own talents, companies can achieve an 11% increase in profitability, a 30% reduction in turnover and a 36% reduction in workplace incidents, according to gallup . 4 – the collaborator needs to be recognized creating ways to recognize employees for their achievements, activities developed or any other positive attitude can reduce absenteeism by 31% (retaining the best talent), increase employee engagement and encourage performance. Great place to work defines employee recognition as “all the ways in which an organization shows its appreciation for the contributions that employees make.

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