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Resources to improve communication with your

Strategic communication is the most important ally of companies when the objective is to engage employees, improve Resources to improve the organizational climate and integration among employees. However, despite the numerous advantages of maintaining good internal communication , this is still one of the major internal challenges for companies. This is what shows a survey , carried out among employees of companies in the united states. Only  of them strongly agree that communication is accurate, timely and open where they work. In addition, this same study, which reports the effect of communication on organizations, found that employees who work in an environment with efficient communication are more engaged and demonstrate a greater intention to stay with the company.

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They hear that matters most.  Now that we know a little about the current scenario of communication within companies, the question that remains is: how to improve it? Thinking about it, we brought 5 resources that will bring good insights to improve feedback culture in our text how earned Kuwait Phone Number Data and kept 5 stars on, we mentioned that one of the ways to engage employees with the company is to encourage a culture of feedback . But what exactly would that be? The culture of feedback is the creation of an environment open to dialogue, with regular conversations, preferably every 15 days, between employees and their managers. The objective is to carry out a mutual exchange of information about what the manager expects from the employee and vice versa.

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How the work is being carried out in a transparent and assertive way. The habit of holding these conversations ends up generating a cycle of positive feedback , creating a relationship of trust between employees and the company. Communication with employees 2 – organizational India Lead culture organizational culture is a set of values, practices and habits adopted by a company. By defining this culture and strengthening it, a company transforms the work environment, bringing more confidence, objectivity, productivity and synergy among all those involved. We have a guide on organizational culture, with tips for building it effectively.

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