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Peepi is now Communitive

This is an important moment for our company, and we would like to share a little of our trajectory that brought us here and what motivated us to make this decision. Since our foundation, we have worked tirelessly to transform the relationship between people and companies. We started in as , with a clear mission to encourage customers and employees to become powerful Marketing and Sales channels for companies, sharing brand content on their social networks and referring new customers. We started by focusing on a small part of the relationship between people and companies: Brand Defense. Over the years, we have evolved and learned from the valuable experiences shared by the companies we serve.

Based on feedback from organizations of

Different sizes, maturity and segments, we realized that we could offer more than just brand advocacy. So we’ve expanded our resources to encourage engagement in a wide variety of activities. And here’s the best thing: we realized that it wasn’t just marketers who used . People from Human Resources, Internal Communications, Employer Branding, Internal Denmark Phone Number Data Marketing, Customer  Success, Customer Experience and many other sectors. Have discovered our solution and achieved amazing results in different use cases. As we went deeper into this universe of engagement, we realized that companies. Were looking for a comprehensive solution to involve their teams in different types of activities, seeking high levels of participation and adherence.

It was at that moment that our platform

Stood out as the ideal answer to achieve this ambitious goal. Gradually, we realized that companies, which used to use various. Tools to engage people in different activities, were now centralizing everything on our platform. That’s why we’re not content with just being a Brand Advocate India Lead platform, we’ve become. A true Community that engages people throughout their journey with the company . It is an entirely new form of interaction and collaboration between companies and their internal and external audiences. And there’s more! We receive constant requests from companies in other countries and continents that want to hire our solution. We have an audacious vision: to become a global company.

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