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Having a strong organizational culture is essential for companies that seek to motivate their employees, mark their presence in the market and differentiate themselves from competitors. With that in mind, it is important to know that every company is made up of 4 major dimensions: Strategy: responsible for delimiting the space that the company occupies in the market; Technology: the understanding that the company has to achieve its objectives, that is, it concerns ; Structure: corresponds to the way the company allocates the resources it has; People: it is the central part of the organization, which enables processes to move towards development.

Any change in any of these elements will change

The balance of the business and will require some kind of adjustment in terms of management. Generally, when business leaders look for information about organizational culture, they are living one of the following  organizational culture is , with employees who are not with the company’s objectives; There is an organizational culture , but it China Phone Number Data needs to be and more effectively. In this scenario, the goal is often talent retention . If you are a leader or employee looking to reinforce the importance of organizational culture, this article is for you. Before starting reading, how about signing up for our newsletter and receiving all of Comunitive’s content first hand? What is organizational culture? Culture is everything that a group of people share.

It is the set of norms beliefs values behaviors

Habits, traditions, knowledge and experiences of a social group. Therefore, the definition of organizational culture encompasses all the values ​​by employees, which make the company unique and differentiate it amidst the extensive sea of ​​other organizations in the market. Because it involves the team and the purpose (the Mission) of the company, we cannot India Lead treat the organizational culture as something that you implement from one hour to the next, but rather a regular, constant process that needs to be thought strategically This is what allows the identification and differentiation between one group and another. It is what builds identity , making internal communication and effective interaction between members of this group possible. In addition, it is what helps the consistency of decision-making , maintaining the cohesion of the teams. For these reasons, we can say that organizational culture can be a lever for business.

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