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 If you use Content Marketing in your business strategy

You already know that there are several factors that influence the results of your efforts. Quality content, which answers the doubts of the buyer persona , and which is also Content Marketing optimized for search engines, are some of the most important points of this Digital Marketing methodology. In a robust content strategy, with several publications per month, or even when the time comes to outsource the production of these materials, it is essential that everyone speaks in the same tone of voice, following the same parameters.

We live in the era of Consumer 4.0.

Who seeks information about the product and the company, who buys with purpose and wants to be served in different channels. Imagine that this consumer performs company data a search on Google. Therefore, Consulting the benefits of Inbound Marketing . Then you find a Rock Content text, prepared by a certain author. Who assures that an Inbound strategy will bring many benefits to your business. Within this text. However, you see a link to another page, made by another author.

From supermarkets , clothing brands or insurance companies , brands can play a decisive role in the lives of consumers. But how does this change during periods of economic difficulty? As Claire Paull, Head of Global Marketing at Amazon Ads , points out in statements to in the last two years there have been moments of difficulty on a global level. But these circumstances have pushed people to flexibility, and to “create a manual to navigate an uncertain future.

There are primarily Content Marketing

Three key points to guarantee consistency in communication and in a Content Marketing strategy. The Brand Persona represents the essence. Language and tone of voice of a brand India Lead in interactions with the audience. It is a character profile that is created to represent and humanize the brand. Thus. People do not feel that they are talking to a company. But rather to a person with values, perceptions and characteristic elements. Which at the end of the day is the identity of your business.

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