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Mistakes that almost all of us make when

What mistakes are usually made when commenting on blogs ? Are you leveraging text comments on blogs , social media, or YouTube to differentiate yourself from the competition? In this post, I tell you about the worst mistakes that are made when leaving comments on blogs and how this strategy is not used to give extra visibility to a personal brand. For a long time I have wanted to write about this topic of text comments on blogs as a marketing and growth strategy for a blog and brand, since I believe that it is being used less and less and many have even abandoned it as a strategy.

There was a time

When leaving comments on relevant blogs was not an option, but a necessity . But currently it is a forgotten strategy, for some that technique does not even exist. We know that executive data our time is limited, and most of the time we think that leaving comments on blogs is a waste of time. But no, it’s quite the opposite. But, leaving text comments is not leaving spam comments and hoping to achieve great results. Which is what happens many times today, when the majority of comments on blogs are spam or do not contribute anything. Sometimes, Not commenting is better than commenting in the wrong way. Therefore, I am going to show you some of the worst mistakes when leaving comments on blogs that you need to avoid if you want to use this strategy well to boost your brand and avoid one of the personal branding mistakes .

Mistakes that me this is one

Of the worst actions when leaving comments on blogs or YouTube videos. There is nothing worse than writing a post where you. Talk about a topic in depth and try to India Lead explain all the steps very well and then. You receive a comment where someone asks you about something that you answer in the article. In other words, it is a sign that the person has not read your article . He simply wants you to give him the information he needs and. He hasn’t bothered to look for that information in the post. For the author of the post, it is one of the worst things that can be done to him . Imagine what the image of someone who comments something like that looks like.

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