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Analyze how much a client costs you

It can be expensive if the customer is always right. The customer is always right is a motto coined by Harry Gordon Selfridge. Founder of the Selfridge department store in London in 1909. This idea is used in business to convince customers. That they will get good service and to motivate employees to provide that good service. In general, it costs more to replace a client than to maintain. It and that is the real reason to accept that the client is infallible. But assuming that the customer is always right. Could be a bad strategy because, among other things. It would prevent us from assessing the cost that bad customers represent for the business.

Bad customers mean unhappy employees

Selecting, hiring and training employees. Who provide good service that maintains and builds customer loyalty has a high cost, the greater the higher their turnover or departure from the company because they refuse to deal with rude or angry customers, especially those who do not they are right. Companies executive data should terminate contracts with customers who behave inappropriately, for example towards employees. “Fair” customers should have the advantage. In many scenarios, bad customers enjoy unfair advantages. People who abuse their rights often get better treatment and conditions than nice people.

A family member

Who works at the reception of a hotel has always told me: we tend to treat better or respond sooner to the demands of rude or protesting clients (with or without reason) to avoid their complaints or negative comments published online. But it makes much more sense to be nice to friendly customers India Lead to keep them coming back, in addition to the positive effect that following a more ethical standard would have on employees. Expel complaining customers and you will avoid serving them @edans says that the North American mobile phone company, Sprint, decided to expel about a thousand customers because they complained too much . 

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