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Conduct to regulate influencer activities

Emmanuel Macron’s government is seeking to create a code of good conduct for influencers to regulate the advertising model on which a growing number of brands are betting. In this way, the French government launches a public consultation to regulate the activities of influencers to avoid consumer fraud, misleading advertising or bad practices such as not mentioning that brands sponsor their posts.

For example, an analysis conducted by Amazon Conduct to Ads indicates that many customers in the United States relocate their budgets from linear television to Amazon’s streaming television service to reach larger audiences. Advertisers are looking for more direct and efficient ways to interact with the audience, according to the study, Amazon streaming television ads allow brands to reach their target audiences 2.2 times more than linear television.

Common Conduct to practice 

Currently, content creators focus a large part of for brand advertising in their digital marketing strategies, which is why there is a need to regulate this business. France has introduced two legislative proposals in executive data the past two months to combat illegal business practices in influencer advertising in the country.  As Le Monde noted, the Economy Ministry last month summoned influential people, institutions and consumer associations because “they play a role in our daily lives and bear special responsibilities.

Influencer advertising

The French Economy Ministry says there are approximately 150,000 influencers in the country, and although 44% of them have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers, those who India Lead achieve star status can charge large fees to publish an article on their social networks . Currently, there is a French code of good conduct for influencers, which content creators follow voluntarily.

As Le Maire assured, the goals of this new consultation are clear: “to protect consumers and accompany responsible influencers” while “punishing those who do not respect the rules and good conduct”.

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