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The Road to Maturity Facing Life’s

The purpose of His testing is to show us our true nature, our weakness and our dependence on His grace,

And these tests will encourage us to try to improve ourselves.

People who are never aware of their mistakes and weaknesses will fail to become more mature.

The best people we can find are not people who have no problems in life.

They are people who have been disappointed many times by the difficulties of life until they reach a state of acceptance and humility that is almost perfect, so that they no longer reject God’s provisions.

They know that God is always there And He can save them from trouble whenever

They seek Him for help and protection. If we are Phone Number List tested, instead of thinking “This shouldn’t happen to me!” , – consider it an opportunity to practice patience and a call to self-improvement.

We will never mature if we always turn to our problems.
Maturity happens when we accept that:

— this is the reality we have to face, this is God’s decree for us.

The Qur’an mentions that Allah helped Prophet Musa (Moses) acquire knowledge and wisdom in return for being a person of noble character, which means that if he was not pious, he would not have this reward:

And when Musa reached his age where he was strong enough and perfect, We gave him wisdom and knowledge; and thus We reward those who try to improve their practices.

— Surah Al-Qasas verse 14

The same will be true of prayer in its ability to change the future God has created for us

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If you pray to acquire knowledge, God can arrange the India Lead circumstances for us to acquire it.

But if we do not pray, we will not necessarily get that knowledge.

There are various views on this issue.

And we will get different answers depending on who we ask.

However, the picture we get from the Quran is that this world is dynamic in nature; where we constantly rewrite our fate.

God is always in control, but depending on our choices, He can change what happens to us next.

If we are sinners, He can withdraw His grace and protection from our lives.

If we are obedient, then He will arrange good things for us.

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