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We cannot separate ourselves from God

Allah, Praise be to Him, Who created creatures to worship Him, and that is their purpose, as He said: “I did not create jinn and humans except to worship Me” [Quran 51:56]. It is clear that the perfect servitude and worship that man needs cannot be achieved in the House of Happiness [Heaven], but can only be achieved in the house of suffering and trials.

We want to escape in this world from all the worries and frustrations and little inconveniences. We aspire to live in a world full of peace and perfection.

But this will is wrong and cannot be achieved in this world

Even if we acquire great wealth, move to Whatsapp Mobile Number List another country, own a big house, and find a beautiful life partner..

… all this joy will surely disappear in a few days

Problems will start to haunt us again.

A partner who feels perfect may not be so perfect.

We May Be Involved in a Business That is Profitable. But at the Same Time Leads Us to Great Fear and Anxiety. Perhaps Because of Choosing. The Wrong Business Partner.

Although Movies and Novels Often Portray That We Can Live Happily. Ever After After We Solve Problems, Become Rich, or Escape From Our Past Lives – Reality Will Always Prove All This to Be False.

He knows best how to test us.

Even though we are the most powerful humans in the world

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No matter where we run, He will always be there India Lead first, ready with testing trials designed to build us into better and more valuable people.

If there is something that makes us feel unsatisfied, impatient, angry or ungrateful to God, then that is the kind of test we have to go through.

A painless test is not a real test. The Road to Maturity: Facing Life’s Problems Even with No Way Out
productivity in Islam.

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