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The continuous development

Goals It is an excellent model for defining marketing goals because it makes it easy to divide the different goals into five different main themes. The themes are: Sell i.e. increasing sales Serve means serving customers Speak i.e. building a customer dialogue Save i.e. improving cost efficiency Sizzle i.e. building a brand Very often marketing goals overlap with all of these. However the most important thing is to

Determine the main goals

Which you should take 2 and at most 3 from this list at once. See here how you can determine marketing goals using the 5s model. 5. Crystallizing business database the value proposition and determining competitive advantages – How do you explain to your customers why they should buy from you? The value proposition summarizes for the customer why he should buy from you and not from a competitor. It therefore turns your companys competitive advantages into customer benefits. The value proposition should be the first thing your customer

Sees when they arrive at your

About defining its competitive advantage. If I had to do only one thing in marketing I would summarize the companys value proposition really well. And of course if I could do another thing I would communicate it in the channels where customers spend their India Lead time. The value proposition is therefore so important that it tells the customer why it is worth buying from your company. A value proposition cannot be invented out of thin air but is created from existing building blocks: The desired value or need of your customers The competitive

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