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Purchasing behavior of your customers

 What are our goals? What competitive advantages do we have? How do we stand out from the competition? What is the most important reason why the customer should buy from us? How do we position our brand in the right way in the mind of the target group? 4. Setting marketing goals – Which goals can be used to best focus the marketing work so that they promote business goals? The goals set for marketing are the basis of strategy work. They create a direction for marketing and the strategic goals to be pursued with

They also focus resources on the right

Channels and measures. A marketer who sets goals reports 376% more success than a colleague without goals. The goals are always based on the companys business strategy so that marketing does not become an independent unit with its own goals. In this case it is clear to the business lead entire company how the success of marketing helps in achieving business goals. Download the workbook for setting marketing goals: We have made a comprehensive workbook on setting marketing goals which you can download here .

We use the model when setting

Its like the title of the entire website: why should the customer get to know you more? The value proposition should also be something that your customer  India Lead remembers after leaving your website. A good value proposition is so memorable and clear that it is easy to pass it on to a friend. The podcast below gives you an insight into where you should start when you want to set goals for your companys digital marketing. In this episode youll get tips on creating and clarifying a value proposition and how your company should go

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