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Piggy Back Off a Trending Topic

Here’s a great example of how to turn a real estate topic into leads on titoki. Texan stat tooter realtor when interest rates hit under 6 real-estate buyingahome homebuying interstates ♬ original sound  shelby willis don’t forget to write a catchy caption that supports your video’s message. Pinterest while most other social media websites focus on networking. Pinterest is first and foremost a discovery platform. In fact. 90 of pinners say they use the app to shop. Since home décor is a popular category on the app. It’s a good place to catch people while they dream about their future homes. To get found on pinterest. 

Create Pins for Local Points of Interest Like Markets

You need to create boards file with things others want to pin. That’s typically not your listing unless you’re selling a super interesting mansion. Here’s how to get your pins found and share. Create pins for local points of interest like markets. Restaurants. And parks make data pins visual with graphics join real estate-relate boards like the pinterest real estate group board you can also use.

Pinterest to generate traffic directly to b2b leads your blog if you have one. That’s what this agent does. Average house down payment for first-time home buyers on Pinterest source Pinterest is a long game. Some pins may not gain traction for weeks. So focus on evergreen content that builds connections over time vs. Only sharing current listings.

LinkedIn Is Focused on Helping People Network

LinkedIn is focused on helping people network. So it makes sense that real estate agents can use the platform to build a network of professionals like mortgage lenders. Brokers. And such. But when you consider that linkinin also has a much higher lead conversion rate than either facebook or twitter. It starts to look like an attractive place to find new clients. Too. Here’s how to navigate linkein for real estate leads.

Optimize your linkein profile get India Lead recommendations from past clients interact with people who can send you leads e.g. Hr leaders that relocate employees it’s all about building creibility on linkein. This real estate agent builds trust by regularly posting client success stories. How else can you show creibility on linkein. Share the conferences you attend. The certifications you earn. And the opinions you have about real estate.

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