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The close link between Conversion Rate Optimization

The close link between conversion rate optimization. Data driven marketing and data monitoring . Marco targa – 6 october 2023 the close link between conversion . Rate optimization. Data driven marketing and data monitoring.  Every marketing activity – traditional or digital – is aime . At increasing user sales and conversions base on the content. Products or services promote. Like any macro category. Digital marketing also provides specific tools and methodologies to increase results. Such as conversion rate optimization (cro) . This is a technique that is becoming increasingly popular within the . Marketing departments of companies. Since its objective is.  To increase the percentage of users who perform a series of desire actions on the website. 

The link between CRO and Data Driven Marketing

These actions may include purchasing a product. Activating the “Add to cart” function. Subscribing to a service. Filling out a form or clicking on latest database a link. How is it put into practice? First of all through appropriate tools for verifying and analyzing the behavior recorde on the site. However. There are also holistic principles that lead to studying the user in a broader way. This means focusing on understanding what drives. Stops or persuades users. So you can give them the best possible user experience which. In turn. Gets them to convert and improves your conversion rate on your site. Why do we think this second vision works better than the first? Because focusing on the final action. 

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The importance of data monitoring


The conversion. Is – obviously – important. But this happens if every aspect prior to the final step has been taken care of . Download India Lead the inside minibook for free now and find out how to create a cro strategy starting.  From data monitoring! The link between cro and data driven marketing link_between_cro_and_data. _driven_marketing is there a link between conversion rate optimization and data driven marketing? Absolutely yes. And it is good to make it clear. Conversion rate optimization (cro) and data driven.  Marketing are both marketing tools that aim to improve the.  Performance of an online environment (site. Marketplace. App. Etc.).

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