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Digital Transformation: Facebook for Lead Generation

Digital transformation: facebook for lead generation in the b2b market francesco farinelli – 11 october 2023 facebook is the most use social meia globally. Find out how it can help you with b2b lead generation facebook represents one of the most use social networks. By people of all ages. It can in fact be define as the “King of social meia” . Given what the statistics report: to date. Over 2.9 billion people in the world actively use facebook. I.E. 36.8% of the world population. The situation does not change in italy. According to the 2021 report carrie out by agcom. 35.9 million people.

Facebook as a powerful B2B lead generation tool

Equal to 60% of the population. Are currently registere on facebook. Another fact that shows us how powerful facebook is in terms of its new database use is that it is currently the social network that users use the most. The time spent on this social network is in fact 74% higher than that of the competition. This is truly relevant data. Which should lead every company to reflect. Facebook is not only the social network with the most people registere worldwide. But also the most use in terms of time spent on it . You might be intereste in: “The facebook metaverse: is it just a rebrand or is there more to it?” 

new database

The Meta Business Manager for managing advertising campaigns

Facebook as a powerful b2b lead generation tool facebook as a powerful b2b lead generation tool this means that it is the ideal environmen India Lead to carry out your lead generation campaigns . Sure of a greater interest and conversion rate from online users. In other words one of the most powerful digital marketing tools today. An aspect that must not be forgotten. However. Is that to create a lead generation campaign. Whether on facebook or another platform. An effective strategy must be create. It is necessary to start from the assumption that leads are first and foremost people. 

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