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Who are the Millennials Definition Characteristics

Millennials have grown up, according to scholars, amid failed family education strategies.For example, they were always told they were special, always. They were told they could have whatever they wanted out of life. Some have received awards/promotions/high grades just because their parents recommended them or complained and the teachers didn’t want any trouble. Some have been given medals, which we know, at an educational level, create ferocity, embarrassment and a state of discomfort for those who have not taken them. Think aboutings and then imagine these kids finishing their studies and entering the world of work. They are no longer special, their mother can’t get them a job and they don’t get what they want just because they want it. in an instant everything is shattered. So we have a generation growing up at lower self-esteem levels .


These Kids Grow Up Next to Instagram, Facebook Etc

where you can put “filters” to give a different image from the real one. we can tell others that our life is wonderful, even if we are depressed in reality. This is the escape that Bahuman g with social media and our cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine into the bloodstream. That’s why when you get a message, getime to Database maket a like etc you feel happy. That’s why when you feel like you write to a friend and immediately feel better. Here, thereA dopamine is the usual substance that makes us feel good when we smoke, drink alcohol and gamble. In other words, it’s VERY addictive. Today’s kids, again to  quote bahuman, have (ineffectively) replaced bahuman’s needs for affection and esteem with technology ( further information ).


Think About How Dangerous All of This Can Be at a

particular age like adolescence , even more so if the education you’ve had hasn’t prepared you for the clash with reality. Adolescents during a period of stress have free access to the use of a substance that creates happiness and addiction. Furthermore, adolescence is really a transition phase between which . We stop needing parental approval and we need th Come India Lead scrivereat of our peers and this pushes us more and more to seek their approval. in this very important period there is a need to build trust, something that the volatility of social networks is not impossible to create. This prevents teens from forming deep and meaningful relationships(and in fact even they.

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