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Tell a Friend or Send an Invite Buttons

Having buttons or links on your social media profiles are great ways to encourage engagement across multiple channels. Individuals coming to your social media profiles are already engaged in your business or aware of what you have to offer. Providing an easy way for them to sign up for things like exclusive offers, or monthly promotions is a great way to continue the conversation even after they log off their social platforms.


If you do have an email list make sure you’re having regular communication

With the people on that list and give them opportunities to further engage. Sometimes brands will run promotions giving current contacts phone lists free some sort. Of coupon for referring a friend, but even including a simple “tell a friend” button. Without a promotion allows recipients to share your content with other individuals. That have been pre-qualified by your contact. Having a share button. That asks your current contact to tell you what email address they want. To share the email to gives you. The opportunity to reach out to the new contact encouraging. Them to join your list for regular content like the item their friend shared.

There’s no single right way to grow your email list organically

But testing and implementing across multiple access points can help you start growing that list. Be sure to always be following email marketing best practices, and to regularly clean your contact lists to maintain the most effective strategy.

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Downloadable content. Offer valuable and relevant information to your website viewers in exchange for their email address. Providing downloadable content in the form of a case study, white paper, webinar, or even an e-book is a great way to offer free resources to already interested contacts and collect their email address. Now you can continue to reach out to them with additional information, insights or opportunities related to the resources they downloaded on your site.

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