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How do I Grow my Email List

As marketers we spend a lot of time talking about email best practices—things like how to generate a catching subject line, what kind of graphics should you use in your email, what time of day should you send an email and how many times should you email your list. You can engage with your list and nurture the contacts you have, but are you replenishing your funnel with new contacts?

Strong email marketing strategies can have great impacts on your business, but growing an engaged contact list to send regular emails to can be one of the most challenging elements of a successful email strategy. Website subscription forms are pretty standard, but if this is the only way you’re refreshing your contact list, you might be missing out on some of your most engaged customers and potential contacts.

Here are a few things you can work into your lead generation

Strategy to create a list of individuals who love your brand, want to hear from you, and are willing to tell their friends and family all about how awesome your products or services are.

Give people a reason to sign up for phonelist your newsletter list—explain to them the benefits of being on this list as an advantage to not being on it. Maybe you’re willing to give contacts a coupon, or free gift when they sign up. Or you provide weekly/monthly/quarterly sales, promotions, or exclusive email-only offers to your list. Whatever your specific offer, make sure contacts know what they can expect to gain by giving you their email address.

But having a physical signup form at your brick and mortar location

Tradeshows or events you might attend or India Lead exhibit at, or any networking events you have a presence at is an opportunity to connect with people who have developed a personal connection with you and your brand. Physical forms require a little bit of manual work to input in your crm, but it’s a no obligation yes for individuals. They don’t have to make a purchase or commit to anything other than being willing to learn more.

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