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Number of Ways Facebook Marketing

But it’s the number of ways facebook marketing helps you find potential clients that make it a top real estate social media platform. Organically. You can build a profile page. Publish posts. Create an event. And engage with people through groups. There are also facebook real estate ads that let you target user by several important factors. So if you’re selling an adorable and affordable. Younger. Targeting will help you make sure that first-time homebuyers in a specific income bracket see your ads. Here are a few tactics to help you get the most from your time on facebook. Use facebook lead ads to capture contact details from new clients use facebook events to invite followers to open houses and community gatherings use facebook messenger to connect with clients who aren’t ready for a phone call note.

Instagram Is a Visual Platform

As of January 2023. Facebook stopper allowing business pages to post real estate listings on marketplace so. Unfortunately. You can’t rely on marketplace listings as a real estate marketing tactic anymore. Check out this Facebook listing ad that gets so many things right. Screenshot of a paid real estate facebook ad source. 

Facebook ad library the agent includes business lead all their contact details so viewers don’t have to click away to find her number. There’s a carousel of professional images. Plus the learn more button leads to a form shoppers can use to give their email addresses and phone number. Instagram while not as big as facebook. Instagram’s 1.35 billion-person audience is nothing to take lightly.

Check Out This Facebook Listing

And since 46 of those users are between the ages of 25 and 44. There’s a big pool of people at prime home-buying age. Instagram is a visual platform. So it’s a great place to help homebuyers picture themselves in the house of their dreams. You can help them do it by. Teasing upcoming listings to ignite their sense of curiosity. 

Posting walkthrough videos India Lead for a behind the scenes look ahead of open houses sharing. Content about the neighborhood so they imagine a stroll to the local. Coffee shop take a look at this video walkthrough tour of a newly built. Modern home. You can almost feel the breeze from those ceiling fans. Notice how the agent place themselves in the video.

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