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Given this negative attitude, the phrase inclusive ucation appears , does it sound familiar to you? inclusive ucation What is inclusive ucation? UNESCO defines inclusive ucation as the “process of identifying and responding to the diversity of the nes of all students, which involve changes and modifications in content and strategies, according to age and which involve all children because ucation is for everyone .” This means that all teachers should think that the ucational systems and programs that govern our country must or should be put in place for this purpose.

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Fac with this reality, the question becomes ripe: how do we transform ucational systems in the face of diversity? An inclusive ucation must facilitate learning, that is, it cannot discriminate. It must be realiz that children and young people with or without different business email list abilities learn together, taking into consideration life experience, the way in which each family has stimulat learning in their children, the methodology us by teachers and the way to motivate participation. of everyone. This safeguards not only the improvement in learning, but also the insertion of the emotional.

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Feeling accept, valu and lov is an essential factor for learning. In other words, the development of a child’s self-esteem is key to achieving learning. Importance of inclusive ucation This is why we must debunk the India Lead myth that so-call inclusive people do not learn. Yes they do, just in different ways and times (some will take a little longer than others). It is important, for these reasons, that teaching staff be updat and train; since in one way or another we witness how some consider that having a child with different abilities as a student “will take away their time .

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