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Instagram Is a Visual Platform

That taps into the human tendency to feel what we see other people do. 3. Youtube in the list of real estate social media platforms. Youtube stands out as the only option for long-form videos. That gives you more time to share what makes your listings. And their neighborhoods. Amazing. But listings are just the start. Youtube is also an excellent place to build trust and familiarity by publishing educational posts. Since over 850 million people go to the platform to learn and play. Plenty of people are eager to see what you have to say. It takes more time to create long-form videos. You’ll want to make sure your videos get seen and generate new leads. You can juice those results by.

New Customers Organically

Reusing listing videos on your website and third-party sites like zillow optimize the copy in your title. Description. And home page for search youtube is owned by google. After all cross-promote your videos on other social media channels and your website center coast realty’s channel is a great example of how to use youtube to educate. 

And engage. A target audience. Home page business database for center for coast realty’s youtube channel source. Center for coast realty youtube make sure to pepper your videos. Home page. And descriptions with calls to action so viewers know what you want them to do next. Tiktok tiktok prioritizes content discovery over catching up with friends.

Perfect Audience for Your Real Estate Outreach

That gives marketers a chance to get in front of new customers organically. And as tiktok’s user base ages. They’re becoming the perfect audience for your real estate outreach. The trick to tiktok success is sharing videos that vibe with other content on the site. Your content needs to be engaging and snappy. 

The average length of a India Lead tiktok video is about 30 seconds. Here are a few ways to make your real estate agency tiktok famous. Don’t use a heavy sales pitch. Even in paid tiktok ads ride trends on tiktok for a quick organic boost post often. Ideally at least once per day if that last point seems overwhelming. Create a batch of posts at one time and schedule them to post throughout the week.

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