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Therefore, they often have a negative attitude towards these children or young people and leave aside that vocation that made them choose teaching as a profession. However, that comment also gives us to understand that teachers are unaware of the subject. If they knew the real meaning of what children with different abilities are, they would change that attitude and investigate the existence of techniques, strategies and methodology bas on different learning styles. This would present itself as a challenge, a challenge that often tests patience and creativity.

Governments and Political

 And once pass, you will be left with the satisfaction of seeing and feeling how the students met the propos objectives and manag to achieve the goals. importance-inclusive-ucation So what is happening with the teaching staff? Why the negative attitude? The answer is clear: we are afraid of what we don’t know. Fear tends to paralyze us, to not involve us and distance us, it does not business lead allow us to see further and that is where prejudices, pretexts and lack of management appear in the classroom. Did you know that there are inclusive laws and that there are five countries in the world that take them into account? These countries are Chile, Italy, Luxembourg, Paraguay and Portugal.

Instability Which Translates into

In the latter, it focuses on creating a school culture where everyone finds opportunities to learn, responding to the nes of each student, promoting equity and non-discrimination. It would be interesting if Peru were also part of this India Lead group. It is pertinent to remember that there is knowlge about learning styles and the use of ICT as technological tools that contribute to the achievement of significant learning. In addition to this, the emotional variable must be taken into account. For this reason, the words that teachers use to address their students must be correctly chosen.

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