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How to Use Google Merchant Center

With the uptick of options to sell your products online, it can be difficult to know how to go about it. According the u.S. Census bureau, in q3 of 2016 alone, ecommerce retail grew 15.6%, a trend we’re seeing year over year.

Let’s say you want to list your new kayak and make it easily found when people search online. Then, after someone views the kayak, we can serve them ads as they travel to different sites around the web. This is where google merchant center can make your life easier. With google merchant you’re able to upload the product data for people to find your in-store and online inventory. You can then run shopping ad campaigns around those products.

In today’s blog, we’ll go through the opportunities you have with the google merchant center and an overview of setting up your account.

Products online or showcase their in-store inventory

Once we setup your account, you not only show up in google shopping results, we’re also able to deliver tailored ads to people that have directly shown interest in your products.

Setting up your account
Now we’ll walk through how to phone leads for sale setup an account and upload your inventory.

In order to use google merchant center you must first sign up for an account with google. If you already have an account with google (like gmail), visit

Merchants.Google.Com and sign in to get started.

When you create your merchant center account, you’ll be prompted to complete the following:Google uses the business information you submit to display to users who view your products online. This information includes.

Configure your account and select a location

Before you upload any new feeds, it must be registered. To start, go to “products” in your merchant center account and select “feeds” from the page menu. Click the plus button to get started. Provide the requested information in the register a new India Lead feed section to continue:

In the “register a new feed” section, you’ll need to specify several pieces of information about your feed in order to register it. When you’re done specifying your feed settings, click “save”. Your feed is now listed in the feeds page.

Shopping campaigns: similar the search engine marketing, shopping campaigns use keywords as the targeting option to serve your products when people are actively looking for them. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and you can display special offers, reviews, or ratings to spark interest.

Work with a google certified partner to help maximize your results and focus on filling your new orders.

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