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Commerce ads The bottom of the funnel is where commerce

Here’s a general overview of the types of ads that may be needed depending on your goals and objectives. Our marketing strategy is focused on aligning the messaging. And call to action with the current stage of our individual customers. By segment. Multiple versions of the types of ads listed below may be required for each customer. Segment, line of business, feature, or value proposition. In addition. To that, we’d ideally have a minimum of 2 versions of each ad per customer segment to allow us to test. Variables for future optimization recommendations. Concept ads concept ads are used for customers. Who are at the very top stages of the funnel to drive awareness.

These ads typically designed to create an emotional appeal

Product, service, or organization. They should be memorable. Sample concept ad Sample display ad messaging: Headline: selling under call lists the stars shipped for free Body. Therefore, 100 years (logo) anniversary celebration Call to action: shop now Headline: looking for a change, but not ready to retire? Body: franchise help (logo) Call to action. Therefore, learn more Sample text ad messaging: Headline 1: looking for boots? Headline. Therefore, want this to be the last time? Description: our 100 year guarantee will keep your tootsies warm until you find a new hobby. Shop now. Content ads These ads are displayed to customers who are in the middle stages of the funnel.

Messaging for these ads should have a stronger call

Therefore,  Action that asks them to take a specific action (signup, download, or watch.) they should. Send visitors onto a page they’ve not India Lead seen before with content that continues to aid engagement and discovery.  Therefore, Some ads may ask questions that the page will answer. Additionally, these ads may drive specific behaviors on the site that we would consider an indication of increased. Interest such as viewing a video, or signing up for a newsletter. Sample content ad Sample display ad messaging: Headline: before zendesk he was sad and alone. Body: zendesk (logo) Call to action: but why? Headline: know why this happened (arrow to graph increase) to your page load time. Body: new relic (logo) Call to action: fix it! Headline: download the complimentary gartner report Body: datorama. Call to action: download.

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