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How to Embed a Secret Video

Next, we’ll discuss how to take your secret video and embed it on a website. Start by clicking into your video in your video library. Just like before, you’ll want to choose the “advanced” tab in the taskbar. Here you can find the direct url link to access the video. If you’d like to privately share the video with someone, you can simply give them this url where they can view the video.

To access the embed code, however, you’ll want to choose the gear icon in the upper right corner of the display box. Once you click the icon, a drop-down will appear. Choose the “embed” option.

Once you’ve clicked embed it will bring up this box

Here we can see a preview of what the video will look like once you embed it on a website. The embed code is located just above the preview. Next, you’ll want to call lists copy this code. You can also choose “advanced settings” for more in-depth html settings for the code. But for what we’re trying to do, copying the code as seen in the example below will work just fine.

Secret video picture 8

The last step to embed your secret video is to log on to your site. Simply paste the code in a blog or on a page and it should auto-populate with the preview that we saw in the above example. Below is the video from the example. I used the code to embed the video into this post. You’ll notice that the viewer does have some options when viewing the video. They can “save” the video and also view the video’s direct url. However, they will not be able to like, comment, or share the video unless you have granted that permission.

Secret videos and the updates to facebook are a clear

Example of the platform’s push to imitate other video platforms like youtube. Because video content is such a vital part of today’s social India Lead experience, every platform has begun to evolve and update to cater to this trend.

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