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Digital Marketing Lessons from the Queen of Pop

On february 5th 2017, millions of people crowded around big screen. Tvs to watch america’s favorite sport on its biggest night. But football wasn’t the only reason people tuned in to watch. Super bowl li, millions of other people crowded around the. Therefore, Tv to watch their favorite pop star take the big stage. With her biggest hits. Lady gaga is no new face to the limelight, but this night was arguably. The biggest night of her musical career. Lady gaga didn’t just just leap. Off the stadium roof into fame’s spotlight, but strategically. Used social media to make a powerful comeback as the queen of pop.

Lady gaga didn’t throw out her album, perform at halftime. Therefore, and announce a world tour out of coincidence and chance. Like many artists, lady gaga’s timing was impeccable and her incorporation of social media at the right time really propelled her to the next level.

In september of 2016 it was announced that lady gaga would perform

Halftime of this year’s super bowl, days after her first single “perfect illusion” debuted at #1 on itunes. Her record was released in late october supported by the dive bar tour which featured 3 stops at dive bars in the us livestreamed on lady gaga’s and sponsor bud light’s facebook pages.

Dive bar tour

After a series of live television award show cell phone leads performances of her newest hits, the super bowl was slowly approaching. Leading up to the big day. Therefore, lady gaga posted frequently across social platforms giving teasers, countdowns, and other content to hype fans up. Therefore, On february 5th, her performance was the most watched super bowl halftime show in history. Instead of resting the next day, lady gaga announced a massive joanne world tour which was well-received by the millions of new and old fans still singing the hits from the night before. Therefore, Within minutes of tickets going on sale, the entire tour was sold out. Lady gaga has also been chosen to headline coachella in 2017 after beyoncé was forced to drop out adding to her large list of exposure in 2017.

Now you might be wondering when I’m going to get to the point

So here it is lady gaga is a great example of how to use content planning, social media, diverse audience targeting, and event advertising integration to make the most of your marketing efforts. Let’s dive into these tactics in a little more detail.

Lady gaga dive

Content planning:
Therefore, Lady gaga could’ve announced her India Lead world tour at any point after releasing joanne and probably would’ve still sold out her shows.Therefore, but she kept her halftime hype alive by announcing it after her largest performance ever. Many businesses have events, announcements, or even sales that can raise interest amongst consumers.

st for social media post planning or blog schedules.  Nothing is too small to plan for.

Share exciting content, post updates, and provide resources.

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