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Using content planning event advertising and social media

Lady gaga managed to reach loyal, old, and new fans by diversifying her performances and interactions on social media. Her dive bar tour appealed to those who had loved her for years and followed her social media for updates. The super bowl performance was a way for her to gain loyalty from past fans and to reach a new audience who may. Therefore, have just remembered her meat dress wearing days. After her performance, her digital album sales rose by 1,000%, illustrating that she had managed to create new fans.

This is translated to business by showing the need to diversify your audience throughout your marketing. Social media might be a great tool for you to keep in touch with current customers, but you might need to think of different means of reaching new businesses.

There also are many instances where businesses narrow their audience too much

Able to capture the new customers they seek. While budget should be allocated to keeping current customers loyal, be open to testing new tactics and audiences to find your new wave of fans.

Event advertising:
Part of the reason that so many business phone list tuned in to watch gaga perform was her strong digital push before the performance. Therefore,  In conjunction with pepsi, lady gaga shared lots of teaser and hype material to get people excited for her performance. Even if you weren’t planning on watching the game, you were still intrigued what she would do on stage. You can do the same with your events, give teaser material to get people interested. Having a major sale? Post on social media the days leading up to the sale with a countdown. Get people intrigued and keep them interested up until the event.

After it’s over follow up with attendees or customers and provide additional

Therefore, Resources to keep your business in their mind. The graph below shows the search trend map for the term ‘lady gaga’ in the past 12 months. You can India Lead see that after the super bowl, the interest in her spiked substantially. Although you might not be. Therefore, getting millions of search inquiries, making sure that you are easily found after an event is important. You can do this by making sure your site’s seo is up to par for organic search and running a branded sem campaign before and after an event. If a potential consumer can’t find you right away, it is likely they will forget about you.

Therefore, to reach a diverse audience will help you make the most of your next event or sale. Without a great plan and intentional timing, you may be wasting resources and time. Next time you’re thinking about promoting an event for your business, just ask yourself what would gaga do.

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