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I would like us to ask ourselves this question

Although starting a small business does not require too many resources in more cases than it seems, generally the real challenge is growing.

In this article we will talk about the most relevant aspect to create a small business or start and promote an economic activity. Financing  , and especially that this question which depends on clients and not investors. Which is more important for the activity of self-employed professionals. and for online, digital and Internet businesses in general.

In other words this question, 

Self-employed people and small business owners have to work harder to obtain. Comparable income and assume more responsibilities. Because in addition to adequately executive email list providing the professional services they hire us for. We also have to take care of the management of our businesses. Commercial tasks ( search and customer relations), administrative, financial, accounting, labor and tax management , among others. Almost nothing!

Even the painter better known

Was also a self-sacrificing freelancer who, to be competitive and move his small business forward, had to create a workshop of assistants who were in charge of making copies of his works and thus being able to make more. sales at lower prices. So, after presenting these data, allow me to make India Lead a preliminary reflection. As entrepreneurs or as independent professionals, BEFORE focusing on getting clients, financing and income.

we need to do something important: have a  personalized, online and guaranteed advisory service for SMEs and the self-employed  that offers us the security and freedom we need to to be able to dedicate ourselves to what we know how to do and it is more profitable for us to do.

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