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Between Good Hearted Non

Am I wrong to think that a good non-muslim is better than a bad muslim?

I think a good soul is better than a soul that has guidance but chooses evil.

Yes, it is correct.

Iblis also believes in God and worships Him, just as Muslims do.

Although he had knowledge of the truth, unfortunately he decided to disobey God.

A Muslim who deliberately commits evil, even if it is not on a large scale but stems from arrogance and greed, is doing something similar to the Devil.

However this is not a reason to choose a non-Muslim leader

There are still many good-hearted and faithful Latest Mailing Database Muslim leaders in our country.

In life, everyone will inevitably get stuck in a problem that has no solution.

Such problems can exist for years, maybe even a lifetime.

Among those problems are possible:

Poverty: One’s life may be blocked from various joys and endure many sorrows caused by poverty.
Having a disabled child: Maybe one is always worried and spends a lot of time and energy in caring for a disabled child, without any hope of recovery.
Diseases: There are people who suffer from diseases that prevent them from enjoying food or doing activities they like. Some diseases cannot be cured and limit a person’s life for the rest of his life.
Family problems: A person may have almost everything they want, but their life may become very difficult due to abuse or neglect from a spouse, being hated by family members, or having a child who always causes serious problems.

There are many problems that have no way out maybe no quick fix

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We always want to live happily in this world India Lead as if it were in heaven, have an easy life, and have no problems

Live in peace and avoid any bad things.

But our desire to taste perfect and true happiness will not come true in this life, because that is not the purpose of this life.

As long as we exist in this world, do not be surprised by the presence of sadness.


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