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Money Doesn’t Make Us Happy But It Gives

These are important questions in everyday life:

Do we use money to save time or use time to save money?
Try to imagine that we have to cook after a tiring day at work.

It can be a thing that makes us very stressed. Either way, it will save you a lot of money.

But on the other hand, if we eat out or take food home, it takes the stress out of figuring out what to cook (and then preparing it).

So which one do you choose?

If we choose the one that saves time:

It will make us happier and reduce stress because there is not enough time

Spending money by buying things (for example: shoes), does Latest Mailing Database not give the same effect.

.. this may apply to all people of various socioeconomic backgrounds, except for people who are really struggling.

Time is precious.

Not everyone can enjoy free time.

Although it increases happiness, most people are always reluctant to spend money on something that saves time, even if they can afford it.

How about you?

Money Can Buy Happiness..
.. but only when we already know what really makes us happy

The old adage says:

Money can’t buy happiness.. ”

Undoubtedly, this saying is true, but not all of it is true.

Money can buy many things that make us happy.

It can also reduce a lot of stress.

However, we still need to know what will truly make us happy.

Money alone won’t magically make everything better.

But if we know what will make us happy then money may help us achieve it

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Money is like oil to a car.

The more oil we have, the further we can go in a India Lead short time, without having to stop at life’s gas stations.

Oil does not give us happiness; it just gives us freedom to move.

Likewise with money; it still does not give us happiness.

On the contrary, it only gives us more freedom in life choices..

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