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How can we get clients and financing?

I have just discovered the new KPMG agency and I found it to be a complete. Easy, very personalized and, above all, cheap service. What do you want me to say 😉 I have also seen that you can try it for a month for free .

And this is because to compare. The value of the respective income of employed workers and self-employed workers. It is also necessary to take into account the benefits and coverage to which each. One is entitled health coverage, vacations and days off, coverage for unemployment, etc. How can And the expenses they must assume to obtain these rights. Expenses that in the case of employees are assumed largely by the companies that hire them.

The truth is that How can

I do not understand many professionals who. In complex and stressful contexts, do not dedicate the time necessary to choose WELL the managers. Who will take care of their executive data financial, accounting, tax or labor issues and problems, and also demand personalized and fast attention. , at least that’s what I’m looking for.

Can I dedicate myself to entrepreneurship and selling effectively if I am worried about a thousand and one past, present and future administrative tasks and problems? Well that’s it.

But let's get to today's important question:  

In the guide to self-employment , which includes 15 key ideas for the initiative that appear in the image, I stated with humor that entrepreneurship is turning what you India Lead know how to do into a business, not inventing milongas and that an entrepreneur, in many cases, is self-employed. with glamour.

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