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How to create a good resume or professional presentation

Don’t try to improve your professional life by creating a good resume. Improve your resume by developing a good professional life. What are the rules for creating a good resume or professional presentation? A resume has a double function: on the one hand. As an archive and, on the other, as a professional presentation tool.  Therefore, The resume is a document or container that allows you to organize data about your work. History and is also a professional presentation. Create a personal brand image and online reputation. Of what you are and can be. What you did and can do and the services that you lend.

How to rules create a good resume or professional presentation

Therefore, Golden rule of the resume. What do you sell, what do you offer, what do executive data you do? Highlight first, in the most prominent space and at the most important moment, what you want to sell, the services you provide, your skills. Sometimes, it is the only thing you need to specify and it is what interests you and your potential clients the most. Curriculum specialization rule. If you are a specialist in everything, you are not a professional in anything. Completing and updating your professional profile on Linkedin is a professional presentation exercise that requires an analysis of your career, the definition of the services and skills you want to offer.

Don’t improve your resume, improve your professional life

The resume is only a professional presentation tool. Therefore, a summary of your career India Lead that, in the best of cases, represents your virtues and achievements. An attractive professional presentation will motivate reading or viewing, if it is a video, but it does not necessarily imply an attractive candidacy. If your professionalism and specialization are low, that is what your resume will reflect and even if you try to embellish it, you will have a difficult time competing with other more qualified candidates.

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