Bagpack Budget in Ho Chi Minh City

Exploring Around Ho Chi Minh Transportation such as buses in Ho Chi Minh is comfortable, cheap and convenient.
There are many different ways for you to explore the city of Saigon.

You may need some form of transportation to get you to your desired destination.

Although there are no commuters here but other ground transportation is quite good

On Foot
Most of the Time, I Just Walk to Explore the City.

Although It is a Bit Tiring, but It Gives Me Phone Number List Satisfaction. Because I Can Explore the Sides That Are Rarely. Seen in the Sight Glass and Stop Wherever I Like.

Most of the Famous. Places in the City. Are Within Walking Distance. So There is No Problem to Walk.

You just need a little stamina.

If you are brave and confident to explore this city by moto, it might be an option for you.

There are two options regarding motorcycles:

Motorcycle rental
Private / motorcycle taxi
Motorcycle rental is usually charged as much as 10 USD and for prebet is between 20-40k VND.

The bus system here can be said to be good.

It is not too difficult to understand, very cheap and also safe to take you from one destination to another.

Taxi and Uber
Be careful when choosing a taxi. Choose a metered taxi from a trusted company only to avoid being cheated.

If you want a really safe one use the uber service Download apps and you are ready to move

Phone Number List

Sinh Cafe service
the birthday cafe

In this trip, I used the service of Sinh Cafe, also known India Lead as The Sinh Tourist, to explore the Chu Chi Tunnel and the Mekong River.

Their office is located on Pham Ngu Lao Street. It’s not far from the hostel on Bui Vien Street (walking distance).

The ground package they offer is affordable. Guide is also friendly.

More information about Sinh Cafe can be found here: The Sinh Tourist

Budget Bagpack Itinerary To Ho Chi Minh City.

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