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The Master of Spam

A 22-year-old Englishman has become one of the most wanted.  Therefore, Men for his penchant for spam bombing. Peter Francis-Macrae, known as the master of spam, is being. Investigated for deceiving thousands of Internet users who have established. A business relationship with his electronic company .Eu Registry Services. From this company, the alleged thief agrees to channel. The registration of a name or brand with the European domain.

The message included a contact

 A registry that is not yet operational nor have licenses been given to. Future company data operators of the applications. The goal is to trick the public into obtaining their credit card information. He is also accused of blocking the Cambridge police station switchboard with thousands of calls complaining. That they had received an email threatening to withdraw about 550 euros from. Their checking accounts for the purchase of a console. Therefore, Telephone number that led directly to the police station. It seems that this action was carried out in protest of his arrest.


Spam Mail No Longer Deceives Consumers

After the onslaught of spam over the past two years, consumers are better. At identifying legitimate The Master newsletters versus spam. At the same India Lead time, users are becoming less. Tolerant of newsletters that do not contain valuable information. These are the conclusions drawn from a 280-page study published yesterday by Nielsen Norman Group . With this analysis, this market research company discovered that since.  Therefore, The first report carried out two years ago. Email newsletters are doing a good job of differentiating themselves from spam.

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