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A Worldwide Anti-spam Registry is Born

The International Anti-Spam Council (IASC) founded in 2003 in Singapore has created. A registry to avoid receiving spam, which has recently debuted. In China before doing so in A Worldwide Europe and the United States. This organization is made up of a group of marketing professionals. ISPs, and government and industry entities that use technology. Best practices and financial incentives to fight spam. The IASC is based on the idea that any solution at. The national level cannot be successful since spammers can be in any country.


A Worldwide Aol Could Release a Report on Emails

The organization is already registering consumers on its website. But it allows them to indicate subject areas about which executive data they. Would not mind receiving unsolicited mail. The IASC operations team will develop and maintain this database. According to rumors, AOL would be secretly considering the idea of ​​a reporting service. which would be paid and would let companies that send large quantities of emails know. if the messages reach their recipients and why they do not. However, the company has categorically denied that it is considering such a service.

A Worldwide AOL has an unofficial payment

System for companies that send large volumes of emails. If you reach that certain volume, they put people at India Lead your disposal and explain. how their systems work,” says Bill Nussey, CEO of email marketing company Silverpop . For this reason, the vice president of Digital Impact. Another company in the sector, believes that the payment service that would be considered “could simply formalize. The type of information that some of us have already received in the past.” Reaching AOL members has long been one of the biggest frustrations for email marketers.

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