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Your goal is to find someone who will pay for what you offer or offer what they want to pay you

We don’t create services to make money Your goal We make money to create better services. Mark Zuckerberg There are companies that are dedicated to responding with more of the same because it worked before. In a worse situation are those who dedicate themselves to serving the structure of the organization and its politics instead of serving the people who pay the bills. Your business idea must leave room for what consumers need and are willing to pay for.

Innovation is a strategy as expensive as it is necessary

In reality, all of us, managers or non-managers. Like executive email list and always propose change, but that of others. Because trying to improve things to make life easier for others usually means complicating your own. Innovating involves reflection, risk and evaluation, that is, hard work outside the “romantic” idea that it usually projects. In any case, as occurs in a process of professional reinvention , urgency should not guide the planning of innovation, it should only drive it.

Your goal A manager tests instead of predicting

In the 90s, a manager had an idea India Lead that he wanted to try : customers could search on the Internet for the car they wanted and receive it at their home, avoiding a salesperson. Would people really spend $20,000 on a car they hadn’t tested or seen in person? To shed light on the matter, he designed a trial plan. He hired a CEO for ninety days and gave him a mission: sell a car. Instead of arguing further, they created a couple-page website that apparently let you order a car. But, in reality, the message reached an employee, who sent a price to the user. The next morning the manager discovered that three cars had been sold.

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