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Prioritize the Characteristics of Your Audience

Prioritize The data shows a clear distinction between customer trust in companies in general and trust in companies that use AI. While 76% of customers trust companies to make honest claims about their products and services. The idea is to give a final framework to the information, for which links to other sections of the website, share buttons on social networks, company contact information, among other things of interest, are usually placed.

Users Can Take Advantage

To indicate to the user that they have already reached the footer, changes are made to its graphic design: change of  job function email list color, font, frame, etc. This is achieved with layout designers, either templates for a CMS or web software. The html footer can also be generated, that is, from an HTML tag. However you create it, the important thing is that you make sure. You configure it so that it appears on all the pages of your website .

What is the footer for?

The footer fulfills a double function: improving the user experience and working India Lead on organic positioning. Improves user experience The main objective of a footer is to indicate to the user. That they have reached the end of the page and also to offer a visual summary of pages to take into account . Why is this important? On the one hand, because this way you are not left. With the feeling that there is more, as happens with infinite scroll pages.

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