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10 Best Free Programs to clean and optimize your Windows PC

10 Best Free Programs to clean and optimize your Windows PC. If your computer is slow, it is time to optimize your PC , but don’t worry, all the programs to clean your PC that I am going to recommend are completely FREE, so you no longer have an excuse not to improve the performance of your PC. As time goes by we install programs on our computer, these store temporary files and logically affect the performance of our computer. That is why it is necessary to have a tool that constantly maintains the equipment and deletes or eliminates everything that is not necessary.

1Tricks to optimize the speed of your Windows 10 PC

In addition to using a program to optimize your computer, there are also other complementary ways to increase the performance of your PC. If you follow these recommen email leads dations you will not have to continue worrying about the loading speed of your PC. Trick 1. Optimize your computer’s power settings. It is clear that we will not have this functionality on all computers and equipment, but if you have it, follow this recommendation for improvement. Go to Control Panel > hardware and sound > power options and select the High Performance option .

Have these programs been useful to you to optimize your PC

If you don’t want to have a pedal-powered computer that’s slower than a snail, I recommend that you try some of the free programs to clean and optimize your Windows PC , which I recommend in the article. Also remember that this is an action that you should India Lead repeat from time to time, you decide what you consider to be the best periodicity to optimize your PC. In the future I hope to be able to make the same compilation but for the Mac computer.

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