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Our eyes have a hard time picking

Alignment typographical errors the use of center or justifi alignment for paragraphs is a mistake to correct 5. Neglecting the alignment here is a tip that you should put into practice. Whenever possible, avoid aligning the text to the center. It can be very tempting to use the center alignment, because it is a symmetrical alignment, but for long texts this alignment makes it very difficult to read. When reading the center alignment type, out where the next line of text begins. On the other hand, the alignment to the left contributes much better to easier reading.

The difference in spaces between

Thanks to the left alignment, our eye forms an imaginary line on the left ge of the text, with which it can find the beginning of each line of text and maintain the connection with the reading of the paragraph. When we align a text we must be consistent. All text must be arrang in a logical way. Avoid aligning some paragraphs to the left and others to the right. And please avoid justifi alignment. Although aesthetically you see everything more orderly with this type of alignment, words makes it difficult to read and the interior gives a very messy image. So don’t forget, whenever you pick, use side alignment for texts.


We must make sure to always scale

Deform text typography in scaling typographical errors the text proportionally 6. Warp text on scaling this is a beginner’s typo. It is very common for a typeface to be deform to adapt it to a certain area or size. The result is that the text is distort, giving the letters a shape that they should not have. There are several ways to avoid this problem. First, make sure that every time we enlarge or sharpen our fonts, we always do so proportionally. Every layout program has a keyboard shortcut that we can use to specify uniform scaling. For example, in programs like adobe illustrator or adobe photoshop we only ne to keep the shift key press while we drag the delimiters of the text boxes.

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