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Online content creation strategy .  You have a series of advantages, such as: Inform. Ucate and entertain your company’s target audience; Consolidate your brand as an authority; Convert visitors and followers into leads ; Nurture a relationship with them; Offer a product or service; Delight these customers and continue selling to them after their first purchase. In other words: one of the objectives of producing online content is to make your company a reference and strengthen relationships with potential customers in such a way that they buy from you sooner or later (and repeatly)! Tip: Why isn’t your content generating sales? Find out the causes now! The evolution of online content .

The role of Digital Marketing for a company

To better understand how online content is gaining more and more space in our daily lives. I ask you to analyze the following hypothetical situation and answer.  If you had to ask questions about a company you are a customer of, which of the options below would you choose first? Call a traditional customer service center and speak to an agent; Access the company’s new database website or application and search for Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ); Search on Google (or directly on the company’s blog) to see if an article answers your question.

The role of Digital Marketing for a company

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I bet you usually choose the last option.  And here’s why: practicality and spe of response . With just a few clicks. You can find what you want! And it doesn’t stop there: another behavior, which has been changing for years and has become quite common, is seeking more information about a product or service before making any purchase. It is not? Imagine someone who wants to buy a cell phone: just access the Internet and India Lead search on Google for the desir features and price range, and a lot of content will appear showing the cell phone models that best fit those nes.

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