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Keep your Reputation clean and professional

Dress professionally and appropriately. A little research beforehand will improve your confidence and help you land the internship position. 16. Get your cover letter ready Write a great Cover letter and tailor it according to the specific internship. It should include examples from your work, academic, and extracurricular experiences. 17. Establish your presence online Put class projects online and link them in your resume, business cards, social media profiles, etc to catch your prospective employer’s eyes. Build a strong and impressive web profile on LinkedIn to highlight your achievements, your experience and even your elevator pitch.

Job Boards as a great resource

Look at job boards online as they are a great resource for college students looking for internships. Narrow down the search criteria to only include internships, or simply add the keyword “internship” to any job company data search phrase that matches what you’re looking for. 19. Be persistent and proactive As this demonstrates your prospective employer that you’re very serious about this opportunity and willing to work hard.

Seek Help from University Professors

Seek help from your professor, career counselors, advisors. They are the best resource to make your way to your internship. If you are referenced by your educator that would be the best reference for your employer and that brings very strong chances for you to be hired. 24.

Keep your Reputation clean and professional Delete anything controversial from your social media accounts. So that it won’t create an hindrance in getting. You that internship as hiring managers check India Lead candidates’ social media profiles to gain more information about them.  Follow up emails Make sure to follow up with a thank you. Note or write them an e-mail thanking them for taking time out to interview. This creates a positive impression on hiring manager’s mind.

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