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Is Instagram Right for Your Business

The last, and arguably most important benefit to using paid ads on instagram is the targeting capabilities that come along with the platform. Facebook bought out instagram in 2012 and have continued to expand and improve the targeting options advertisers have when it comes to the popular instagram placements.

Getting your content in front of the right people is the most important piece to running a successful and profitable marketing campaign. You can target by specific interests and behaviors related to your product or industry, or create a look-a-like audience based on your existing customers. If there’s a particular segment you are trying to reach, chances are you will be able to hit them on instagram.

Instagram advertising downfalls

If you’ve made it this far, you are probably wondering what instagram can’t do. Although there are many great advantages to be had on instagram, there are a few disadvantages or limitations that might be a deal breaker for your business.

Although many see advertising to people telemarketing list on their smartphones advantageous, it doesn’t work for every brand. Instagram is primarily a mobile app, leaving no room to reach desktop users with content or ads. If you are targeting an audience who may skew more heavily to desktop usage, instagram isn’t the place for you. Because instagram users are on mobile devices, you also need to make sure your landing pages and website are all mobile friendly and optimized for that type of traffic.

Twitter requires quantity where facebook leans more heavily on quality

To be successful on instagram, both organically and paid, you need to keep content fresh and frequent. People will easily forget or ignore an India Lead ad that they see too often in their feed, so it takes a large amount of planning and creating to keep up with the demands that instagram presents. If you don’t have the time or resources to effectively create and keep up to date on posting new content, instagram may not be the best place for your business to be.
Ultimately, the decision to advertise or manage a business profile on instagram is up to you. We always tell clients that it is better to do one or two things really well, rather than half-heartedly dip your hands into everything. Instagram is great for businesses who want to showcase their products or services visually and has proven that users are still active engaging with paid content that they like and can relate to.

If you are not sure where to start or have questions about instagram (or any other social media platform) we would be happy to help! Interested in learning more about social media advertising? Check out our whitepaper below.

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