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Influencer Marketing Extended Interview

When a candidate’s campaign uses political programmatic advertising, we can create ads tailored to resonate with voters about these issues. Here are examples of the criteria that voters would have to meet to be served our candidates ads.

Reduce the national debt ad

These are examples of the specific targeting options of political programmatic advertising based on the national issues in 2012. Campaigns using political programmatic advertising in the upcoming 2016 election will operate using the same data driven advertising strategy to influence voters based on a candidate’s platform.

Running for office in a local election like a state senate race

Could also apply political programmatic to target voters. If we use the example of a state senate race, a candidates ideal voters come from their phone lists district. As such, it becomes necessary to only target the voters in your district with advertisements.

If a candidate is running for the south dakota senate seat representing district 23, their online advertising budget should go toward targeting voters in that district. The criteria for this candidate would look like this:

Registered voters > republicans > zip codes in district 23

This target audience would receive the candidate’s advertisements when they go online. Targeting specific voters raises their awareness on the political platform of the candidate. Political programmatic advertising automates the bidding process and delivers ads to people that match a specific criteria.

Campaign managers rely on the data they collect about potential

Voters to create a winning campaign. Political programmatic advertising delivers the most accurate and detail data analysis. The 2016 presidential India Lead race will spend more money on online advertising than ever before, and the candidate will be using the advertising industry’s most effective technology. No matter the size of the election, invest in political programmatic advertising and target the right voters.

Keymedia solutions runs campaigns utilizing political programmatic adverting. No matter the election we will work with you to build a custom campaign strategy that aligns with your goals and budgets.

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