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You are using multiple software solutions for different processes

If you’re still manually consolidating data from spreadsheets for financial reporting then you badly need an ERP. With NetSuite ERP, you will have all financials in a single database. Your accounting staff won’t have to spend hours in cross-posting information, rekeying numbers, or reconciling data different processes manually. You can have critical reports without delays and frustration.

Experience Are Suffering

Inventory management is critical for your company’s growth. Having right amount of products, At right location, at the right time is a vital part of business operations. When sales, inventory executive data and customer data are maintained separately, it can create silos. In case of shortage of popular product. Sales will be off until the next shipment arrives. If customer enquires about an order, your employees can’t track it.

The whole thing will create a poor reputation for your company. With NetSuite ERP, every staff member will have access to same, up-to-the-minute information. Your customer-facing reps should be able to answer customers’ questions about order and shipping status, payment status, service issues, etc., without having to hang up the phone and check with another department.


IT is proving different processes

If you’re using disparate systems then customizing these systems, integrating them and maintaining them with patches and upgrades can be complex, costly and consumes critical time and resources. Furthermore, if your systems include on-premise, legacy business software, then updating these India Lead will not be expensive and time-consuming but may also undo customizations implemented by IT staff. With true cloud ERP solution like NetSuite, system updates are no longer an issue, and new functions are easy to add as your business grows and changes.

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