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Who will administrator of your personal data is IFIRMA SA bas in Wrocław. By adding a comment on the blog you provide us with your data: name and surname e-mail address and comment content. The system also records the IP address using which you add the comment. The data is sav in the WordPress database. Your data is process bas on your consent resulting from adding a comment. The data is process for the purpose of publishing a comment on the blog as well as for the purpose of defending or pursuing claims. Data in the WordPress database is stor for the duration of the blog’s operation. You can learn more about the details of data processing by.

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Page of the ifirma.pl website . Maybe these topics tooThey will make you curious The Delphi method and its application in strategic management. Colloquially speaking the philippines photo editor Delphi method is bas on the popular saying “two heads are better than one”. It refers to the ancient city of Delphi where the priestess Pythia from the temple of Apollo prict the future. Do you know how you can use it to create your company’s strategy? Let’s find out! Suspension of company operations and a contr for specific work.

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Of business ivity Collective labor agreement ​​what is it? In the provisions of Art. Labor Code a trade union representing employees associating employees for India lead whom the agreement is conclud is defin. Moreover labor law regulations distinguish between a multi-company agreement and an enterprise agreement. You can read about what a collective agreement is in this article. Relat pages Who is a non-tapayer in the contet of changes to the e-commerce VAT package? Search engine enter tet.

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