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Position on of staff are also situations when, even in the workplace, bosses organize corporate integration events . Their goal is then to reuce stress and strengthen the team. In fact, however, physical activities for adults are very rarely organize in the workplace. Work is a place where everyone performs specific functions, and there usually no one wants to leave their current roles. Therefore, an ideal place for integration classes is a training facility far from the place of work and residence. Where to go on an integration trip ? Managers ask themselves this question. 

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Preferably in the mountains – the wonderful surroundings will distract employees from everyday life and allow them to focus on team integration. We recommend Interesting and engaging attractions for corporate events Simple integration photo editor game examples Gordian knot For adults, physical activities may seem less attractive at first than, for example, bartending workshops, tasting local craft specialties or barista shows. But if we start physical games for adults with simple and fun competitions, we will certainly get every company moving. An example of such an ice-breaking activity is the joint solving of the Gordian knot.

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The fun is that the participants line up in a circle, and then India Lead with their eyes close and their hands stretche out in front of them, they go forward. When they feel the hand of another person, they grab it and hold it. And they’re still looking for another person to catch up with with the other hand. Each person must have both hands occupie. Then everyone opens their eyes. Solving the Gordian Knot is to line up all participants in a row now, but yes, Movement games and activities for adults Life raft For this great.

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