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What was mike jones phone number

Mike Jones is an American rapper and entrepreneur, best known for his hit song “Still Tippin'” and his catchphrase “Who? Mike Jones!” In the early 2000s, he famously shared his phone number with the world, which quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

In 2005, Mike Jones released a song titled “Back Then” in which he raps the now-famous line, “281-330-8004, hit Mike Jones up on the low.” This line instantly became a pop culture reference and made Mike Jones a household name. Fans from all over the world began calling the number, eager to speak to the rapper himself.

The phone number quickly

Gained national attention, and Mike Jones received thousands of calls every day. Some fans left messages, hoping for a response, while others simply called to hear Jones’ recorded message. The number was so popular that it even made an appearance in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

But what many people don’t know is that the phone number Denmark Cell Phone Number List actually belonged to a Houston-based promotions company called the Swisha House. Mike Jones was signed to the Swisha House label at the time and used the number as a promotional tool for his music.

The Swisha House quickly capitalized on the phone number’s popularity, using it to promote their other artists and services. Fans who called the number would hear a recorded message from Mike Jones followed by a promotional message for the Swisha House.

Despite the phone number’s popularity

Phone Number List

Today the phone number is no longer in use, but the legacy of “281-330-8004” lives on. It remains a cultural touchstone for many people, a reminder of a simpler time when a phone number could become a national phenomenon.

In conclusion Mike Jones’ phone number 281-330-8004 gained widespread popularity in the early 2000s, thanks to his hit song “Back Then.” The number belonged to theĀ  House promotions India Lead company and was used as a promotional tool for Jones’ music and other House artists. The phone number received thousands of calls a day and became a pop culture reference. Jones eventually changed his number due to the overwhelming number of calls he was receiving. Despite its current inactivity, the phone number remains a cultural touchstone for many people.

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