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Those that devote themselves to themselves will ultimately

Simply put, there isn’t one. Every leader is different, and leadership is required in a lot of different situations. There’s no perfect formula for leadership because becoming a good leader depends on a lot of different factors. The qualities of a leader depend on the group you’re leading, what goal that group is trying to achieve, and the expectations of that group.

In my life, I have many different leadership roles and each one of them is very different from the other. As the digital media supervisor, the group that I lead is very different than workout classes I’m an instructor for. Each position requires leadership, but the group, their goal, and their expectations are very different.

As a workout instructor, my students come to class expecting me to be direct and motivating. They’ll follow my directions without hesitation because they have the expectation that I’m going to give them a good workout. As a supervisor in the office I can’t shout out directions the same way I do in the gym because the expectations are different. I’d get confused stink eyes from my coworkers if I yelled, “answer that email!” with upbeat techno music bumping from my computer.

No matter what type of situation you’re in

The toughest part about any leadership role is trying to understand the group’s goals and expectations and how you can lead the group telephone number list to achieve them both. This is why it’s important to continuously strive to be a better leader and why our ceo, korena keys, and I attended leadercast a few weeks ago. Leadercast is a one day conference where people come together to listen to a wide range of entrepreneurs, coaches, and celebrities talk about their own experience about becoming a successful leader.

During a day full of inspirational speakers, a few nuggets of wisdom stick with you for the days and weeks after the event. They stir your brain and really push you to evaluate your lifestyle. Today, I’m sharing the nuggets that stuck with me and the reasons why I think each and every leader can learn from them.

This quote stuck with me the most throughout the entire day

Most people’s first instinct is to look out for India Lead themselves. We also have the tendency to hold back from leadership roles until we feel comfortable or until they’re an expert in that industry. But holding back and waiting like this can prevent us from taking the first step to become a leader.

Leadership is about guiding others to success. We don’t need all the answers, we just have to help find those answers when the questions come about. We help guide others to the answers that lead the group to success.

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