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Run your Social like a Celebrity

The break-through opportunity with marketing online is being able to build a community around your brand. This community then can get in touch with your brand or find out needed information at any moment. Social media marketing has also made it even easier for brands to build this following.

The ones who utilizes these tools to their full advantage are celebrities. Celebrities build a brand around themselves and their skills, utilizing social media as their own micro-media company. Celebrities like katy perry, justin bieber, taylor swift, rihanna, and lady gaga have the highest amount of followers on twitter. Selena gomez, ariana grande, and taylor swift have the highest amount of followers on instagram. These celebrities are using these accounts for self and brand promotion where they have designed them to make themselves more money.

And it’s at no surprise they’re so successful at it because society has always wanted to have

The inside scoop into celebrities’ daily lives. It’s a big reason why tabloid magazine still sell. But you can create the same desire with your brand following with these same tools; social media and email marketing.

There is quite a bit of knowledge we can learn from analyzing the way celebrities advertise themselves and products online. I’ve curated 3 of the biggest tips that we can implement today into our marketing strategies.

Your business is made up of people so show that! It doesn’t always have to be talk about the product or service. Involve employee’s successes and accomplishments that happen in and out of the office. We don’t see celebrities just posting about phone leads their next upcoming movie or fashion line, although some days it feels that way. They are also posting about different life accomplishments or even struggles that they are going through. A celebrity posting a photo of their morning cappuccino at the local coffee shop might seem cheesy but some of their followers might see that and think “wow, they are so down to earth! I stop at the same coffee shop for my morning coffee too.” these small updates allow the opportunity to open up the door to start conversation with their followers.

One great recent example was beyonce’s surprise pregnancy announcement on february 1st

Beyonce used this platform to share this big news with the public for the first time making her followers feel they had the first “inside scoop”. Of course, with your business, it doesn’t have to be baby announcements but to share with your followers big sales, additional new merchandise, new employees, exciting give-a-ways can have a spin of exclusivity.

You also don’t need to take social media India Lead or email marketing so seriously either. Have fun with it and make jokes, it shows the personality of the brand.

One major thing celebrities have in common is they are really, really into themselves. They build up anticipation for new movies, events, products, or ideas that end up being flops all the time. Then they are simply off to the next movie, event, product, or idea.

Taylor swift went “dark” on social media the week of dropping her first single “look what you made me do” and announcing her new album, reputation, coming november 10th. She built up anticipation for the news by using the snake emoji across different platforms and then wiped all social media accounts of posted material. This caused an uproar among her fans on what could be happening. She then came back on august 23rd and released the first single off her new unheard-of album.

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